Scientific Program

The outstanding and highly interdisciplinary program comprises joint main sessions as well as free communications selected from abstracts.

The main topics will include:

  • Joint Session I: Interdisziplinary Pain Management
  • Joint Session II: Spine Interventions Between Innovation and Evidence
  • Joint Session III: Strategies in Glioma Imaging and Treatment 
  • Joint Session IV: Round Table Discussion “Neuromedicine: Will the Neuro-Specialties Merge in the Future?”
  • SSNR Parallel Session I: Peripheral Nerves: Basic Principles and Advanced Imaging
  • SSNR Parallel Session II: Treatment of Intracranial Stenosis

Furthermore, the association of neurosurgical nursing staff Switzerland will have their IG-NOPPS program on Friday, December 04.

Please find an overview of the scientific program in the interactive program:

Interactive Program